The Italian Spinone Research Database

We provide a comprehensive database of pedigree information for the Italian Spinone.
The databases are created and managed in the UK, and fall within EU Database Directive protection.

They are provided for personal use only and all users who access any of our database information are bound under contract not to re-use such data.

Every effort is made to ensure our data is accurate and we would appreciate any omissions / errors being reported so that they may be corrected.

Hip Scores and CA Test results that have been published in the BRS and on the AHT website respectively will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Health tests undertaken outside these two schemes will not be automatically updated.
If you would like them included you will need to send a copy of the relevant certificate(s) to

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Please let us include your dog's condition

If your dog has suffered from any of the following: Bloat, Cancer, Seizures, Thyroid, Auto Immune, Skeletal conditions, please complete the consent form and we will update their details.
We would like to say a huge Thank You to all who have supported us so far.

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